Nest Story

Team of 4 have decided to launch their NFT collection! From bright past with NFTs on SOL. It started as a random idea that became a REALITY! Project carefully planned for months before going public. Now we have a huge community on discord as well as Twitter. Ready to build up our own brand and deliver exciting utilities to our community.

Odd Owls is a collection of 4444 Odd Owls wandering around Solana, bringing community and culture together.

Our project’s main goal is to unite everyone and build a solid community and brand.

Our Community is the most important part of a project. With us prioritizing the community we are a fully community driven project and will let our supporters voice their thoughts and ideas on what they want to see.











Marketing/Community Manager





  • What is the supply?

    4444 Odd Owls

  • Polyphemus has a team of artists working hard on our art. He has the creative hands behind every lit image you’ve seen on our Twitter page.

  • We want a tight-knit community who can profit, while also enjoying their time being in our project while meeting new people. With the current market everyone is stressed and we just want to shine a little light in these dark times!